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Full Portrait Retouch

As much as we all want to feel beautiful in photographs, for most photographers, the goal is to make a subject look as beautiful as she would on her very best day. It is tempting to go heavy in Photoshop, with its powerful tools for creating flawless skin. Adobe Lightroom can be utilized to produce a perfectly polished portrait. Lightroom’s Local Area Adjustments including the ‘Spot Removal Tool’ and ‘Adjustment Brush Tool’ are extremely powerful when it comes to retouching portraits. In fact, more often then not, you can take care of 90% of your retouching work right in Lightroom. You can even remove blemishes, smoothing skin, brightening eyes and even healing out eye bags by using Lightroom. You can get huge help from the latest edition of Lightroom. It is very well illustrated and easily described. The latest edition you use, the better it is for your work. At least, you should try to use Adobe Lightroom 3 for your work to get the best out of the image.

Full Portrait Retouch

For this full portrait retouch or photo manipulation task, you can rely on us because Metrodesk does this kind of job frequently with perfection. Moreover, the rate is very competitive considering the market. As a client, you can order the jobs to us and we will take care of it for you and deliver the task within given time.

When you know how to work on Lightroom, you will love it and spend hours editing the images purely because Adobe Lightroom works best for all retouching works compare to Adobe Photoshop.


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I think they have done a fantastic job. I outlined my idea on paper and they were able to bring it to life.

Really incredible work as always. It’s great to start every project knowing that it will end in success.

Many Thank, completed quickly and just what we needed.

Thanks to Metrodesk for their continued quality and fast response.

Quality work, excellent value for money. Very good communications and fast turnaround.

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